Minimize food waste with dynamic shelf life

The goal of the project is to develop intelligent logistic and packaging systems that in real time communicate and predict quality and product safety in chilled foods.

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DYNAHMAT has developed an open system solution concept that enables the integration and interconnection of different sensor solutions, quality prediction, communication solutions, databases, business systems and applications. With further implementation of DYNAHMAT actors in the food industry will be provided by solutions to guarantee an efficient flow of wholesome food and minimize waste.

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Project results

A cloud solution with open APIs for sensor input, prediction models and user interfaces implemented on the Bluemix platform

A parameterized solution for prediction models integrated to the cloud system

One mobile phone demo-application for usage in the supply chain as both gateway and user interface to personnel

One mobile phone demo-application for consumer usage in retail

Strategies and road-maps for further development and implementation


Reduce food waste

A secured cold chain enables longer shelf life for the products investigated. In the majority of field tests performed, the temperature has been far below 8°C and for most part of the supply chain down to 2°C from the producer until delivery to retail outlets. With the DynahMat concept implemented in a food supply chain, the real-time monitoring will alert the abnormalities and enable actions taken directly as well as provide documentation of real cold chain data for update of prediction models. Hence, with DynahMat in the chain the printed shelf life of products can be set longer which gives both retail and consumers more time to sell and consume.


Quality improvements and sustainable development

Based on continous data gathering and the potential transparency from the shared information, a more proactive and collaborative approach can be taken to find solutions of quality deficiencies and structured improvements in whole supply chains.

Reliable data (provided by a DynahMat solution) will enable further developments where the supply chain actors collaboratively can develop sustainable solutions not only related to food waste but the overall efficiency and effectiveness of food supply chains.


Secure cold chain

The DynahMat concept enables a unified way and a system solution to measure and secure the cold chain of food products. Based on the DynahMat concept increased transparency can be reached as well as improved relationships among actors in the food supply chain. The system solution would provide an objective picture of the status of every cold chain and alert if any temperature changes occurs.


Knowledge of future sensors and ICT systems

Sweden is an IT society and can be a forerunner on the international market. Increased learning about the use of new technologies by food chain actors means that concepts, strategies and solutions can be exported and integrated in bigger international systems.


Efficiency improvements

Based on a unified and automatic way of measuring temperature in the supply chain, significant time reductions related to temperature controls have been found. In addition, fewer returns when individual products or batches of potential poor quality due to high temperatures can be easily traced.


Increased consumer confidence

For the brand name, dynamic shelf life labeling and retail trade. Consumer confidence for these three will increase because of increased transparency in the chain, but perhaps most important, increased transparency for the consumers. This is a way of strengthening consumer trust. The solution will make it almost impossible to falsify date labeling by means of relabeling, because the information will be securely protected in the system.